Fact Sheet


Stickman World is a beautiful minimalistic puzzle platformer that takes place in an underground environment after the hero "Stickman" is surprised to awaken in unknown world...

The story emerges from the possible destruction of the human world in which Stickman recalls pieces of it but very uncertain of what really happened in his past, he searches for hints in the above ground world.

One of the amazing things about the story is that Stickman doesn't really know where he is or why he is so light, he can't really see himself looking the way he looks but without a memory of how he previously saw himself, there is nothing that can't be sure to say otherwise, one thing is certain, he has no idea how he got to this place, but throughout the story he is presented with new challenges and clues which ultimately help him find out the truth.

The goal for each level is to collect all the hidden letters which make up the game name. This may sound easy, however, some of these are found in very obscure places which will require you to solve tricky puzzles.

The game art style focuses on a minimalistic style using primitive shapes for it's artistic view, while it keeps a clean and polished game that is visually appealing and fun to play.


Key Features

  • Handcrafted sprites and minimalistic environments.
  • Difficult puzzles that challenge the player ability during gameplay
  • Unique teleporting mechanic allowing jumping from black and dark layers, offering a new twist on the classic platformer.
  • A suspenseful and enjoyable story about a Stickman lost in an unknown world.
  • Gravity inverters applied to Stickman and environment objects offers players with a mindset twist.
  • Beautiful and original soundtrack, composed exclusively for Stickman World.
  • Rapid gameplay and immersive difficult levels.
  • Three tutorial levels to teach the player all basic mechanics.

Logos / Icons

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